Does Hoodia Really Burn Fat?

by Steven

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Ok.. So I get this question often.  Does Hoodia really burn fat?  Well I should answer this question since this site is called Best Fat Burners.  Well better than listening to my opinion, I got an article from my muscle building/fat burning mentor Vince Delmonte.  Check this out:


Hoodia – Does Hoodia Really Work For Fat Loss?

By Vince DelMonte

If you are anxious to get fat loss going, you’ve likely looked into the diet supplement, hoodia. Hoodia gordonii is a plant that was used in South African many years ago by hunters who would need to go for long durations of time without food and grows very slowly in harsh conditions and needs to be harvested for four to five years before it’s ready.

But how well does Hoodia really work for fat loss? Many people turn to hoodia thinking it is the answer to all their prayers. Never hungry? Sounds like a dietary dream. After all, following a diet should be easy if you never have any feelings of hunger, shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, it isn’t so simple.

First off, if you are a trying to get a lean, sexy midsection, not eating is the last thing you want to be doing. Sure, you definitely will need to eat less in order to lose body fat, but if you aren’t eating enough, you’ll actually just lose muscle rather than body fat. Since muscle tissue is your calorie burning engine, destroying it would be counterproductive to getting the results you want.

Who wants a slower metabolism at the end of the day? That’ll just make further fat loss next to impossible.Vince Delmonte Six Pack Quest

If hoodia is affecting your natural hunger signals, it will be hard to get in the foods that you do need – the foods that will work with your body to lose the body fat while still keeping muscle tissue intact.

Secondly, you must understand that hoodia is not a thoroughly tested product and cannot be deemed safe. If you take enough of it, it can actually damage your metabolism, causing a variety of thyroid issues that will be stuck with you into the future. While fat loss and getting abs is important, you must do it a healthy way so that you don’t do anything disrupting to your health.

Finally, hoodia diet pills are by no means a proper method to losing abdominal fat. In order to lose abdominal fat, you’re going to have to find a method that will be sustainable over the long term. If you think that you’re just going to skip eating for the years to come, you are very mistaken. You will not get the proper nutrients you need to sustain life, therefore, to put it bluntly, using hoodia as a means to help you maintain fat loss could very well put you in the hospital with severe malnutrition.

What you need is a diet that supplies all the nutrients you need, while still being affective with stomach fat loss. Then, you’ll also need to make sure this diet is something you can work into your lifestyle so that your abs aren’t going to be just covered up by more body fat again once you move off the diet.

The more time you waste chasing after gimmicky supplements that only hurt you in the long run, the more time you spend without the results you are after.

Source: Vince Delmonte Six Pack Quest


So there you go people.  Sorry to break the news for you.  Now if you want that lean midsection then do check out Vince’s Six Pack Quest.  You won’t be disappointed.  Actually I highly recommend anything he produces.  You can check it out here

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